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Visual Basic Source Code For Download
In this section you will find programs made in VB with their full source code for download.
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Microsoft Agent Sample 5.0 Scott Scheirmann Download
This is very simple example of how to control the genie Agent in your application. To view this sample you must have all the MS agent files installed (if you have an application that uses the genie character then all the necessary files are already installed).
DirectX Examples 5.0 Patrice Scribe Download
This code contains 3 excellent samples:
1) Rotating globe. You can apply your own texture (BMP file) to the globe and you will get rotating ball that wrapped with your texture.
2) Star field example, like the Windows 95 screen saver.
3) Example of how to play 2 wav files simultaneously with DirectSound.
Watch Directory For Changes 5.0 N/A Download
Watch any directory to see if it has had any changes to it: if it has new files, or files were deleted or updated.
Telnet Server 5.0 N/A Download
A telnet server written in visual basic.
Stock Quotes 5.0 Joe LeVasseur Download
Retrieve stock quotes from the Web via Internet Transfer control.
3D Landscape 5.0 David Brebner Download
Make moving 3D landscape that you can hover above him.
MIDI Piano 5.0 N/A Download
A MIDI piano.
Adjust Picture Brightness 5.0 Tanner Helland Download
This sample will show you how to adjust picture's brightness without using any OCX's.
Make Custom ToolTip 5.0 Arkadiy Olovyannikov Download
This class module encapsulates a number of API functions to allow you to create customized tooltips for any control. You can customize the tooltip by setting its background and foreground colors, the delay time and visible time, whether or not the tooltip is centered, and whether or not it appears as a balloon.
Play Animated Gif 5.0 Arkadiy Olovyannikov Download
This Code demonstrates how to play animated gif without using any OCXs or Dlls, but using API.

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