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Visual Basic Source Code For Download
In this section you will find programs made in VB with their full source code for download.
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Make Excel File 4.0 Dan Gardner Download
Make an excel file from VB without using excel.
Send Message To ICQ Member 4.0 N/A Download
Enter your nick name, message, and your friend ICQ number, and he will get an instant message (Pager) from you.
Change The Start Button 4.0 Daniel Cohen Download
This code allow you to set Windows start button size, position, and picture.
Checkers 4.0 Viper Download
This Checkers game encorporates full artificial intelligence, and is very difficult to beat. It uses the International Rules (included in the zip file).
Floating ToolBar 4.0 N/A Download
This example will show you how to add floating toolbar to your application.
Animation Example 4.0 Mike McGrath Download
This example will show you how to animate a man walking over custom background.
Rotate Picture 4.0 N/A Download
Flip picture horizontally, vertically, or rotate it by 45 degrees.
Password Protector 4.0 Jarmo Lepola Download
This program will not be closed until the user will enter the correct password. Ctrl-Alt-Del, Alt + F4 and Alt + Tab are disabled, and the user cannot run another process until he enter the password or reboot the computer.
Tanks Game 5.0 Nick Thompson Download
The idea of this game is to destroy all your enemies. you can have up to 8 tanks all shooting at each other. Some of the tanks can be human players, and the other Computer players.
FTP Application 5.0 Microsoft Download
Complete FTP application.

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