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Visual Basic Source Code For Download
In this section you will find programs made in VB with their full source code for download.
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AOL 6.0 Functions 6.0 Source60 Download
This module contains 205 AOL functions and subs, including hide/show AOL, minimize/maximize AOL, close AOL window, get AOL window's caption, show/hide buddy list, close/minimize/maximize chat room, and many more.
Print Preview 6.0 N/A Download
An example of how to make print preview in Visual Basic.
WAV Graphic Level 6.0 Nepveux Software Download
This program takes the wave output and turns it into a graphical level. To use this program, run it and play a WAV file.
Tic Tac Toe Game 6.0 Spyderman Download
One or two players. each move has time limit. Simple artificial intelligence: computer does not play randomly, but "tries" to win.
Text Effects 6.0 Herman Liu Download
This sample will show you how to make some text effects, including Gradient, Emboss, Engrave, rotate.
Add Text To Icon 6.0 Herman Liu Download
Icons are not ordinary pictures; this code shows you a simple way of adding text on an icon. You can select color, font type and size, and you just use your keyboard to type the wanted characters.
Binary File Viewer 6.0 Robert Rayment Download
With this program you can display any part of any file as decimal bytes, hex bytes, signed, unsigned and long integers or as floating point values.
Network Browser 6.0 Arkadiy Olovyannikov Download
This application is a custom Network Neighborhood window that shows you how to browse and display network resources. It works only in Win 95/98 systems.
TreeView Directories Explorer 6.0 VBTown Download
Similar to the Tree Folders Explorer ActiveX control that found in the ActiveX section. Shows you how to put the user drives and directories in one TreeView control, and let him browse for directory.
IP WinSock Chat 6.0 Paul Hagerty Download
This simple chat is a good example of using the winsock control. Just enter your friend IP address, and chat with him. Your IP address will appear on the form title. If you have no friend that you can check this chat with him, you can try to connect to your IP address and talk to yourself...

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