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Visual Basic Source Code For Download
In this section you will find programs made in VB with their full source code for download.
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Screen Magnifier 5.0 Oigres P. Download
Magnify the area of screen that found under the mouse cursor.
Print Preview 6.0 Herman Liu Download
Rich Text Box print preview.
Internet Browser 6.0 N/A Download
Simple Internet browser, similar to Internet Explorer.
Audio Player 6.0 Herman Liu Download
An audio player with all essential functions; these include: (1) Adjustment of sound volumes of CD and WAVE; (2) Direct selection of any CD track to play; (3) Free switch between CD/WAVE/MIDI in the same session.
Replace All Function 6.0 Igor Ostrovsky Download
Replace a word with another word in String or text box. You have the functions Find Next, Replace, Replace All, and more.
Vertical Menu 6.0 WinResources Download
Imitate the OutLook Express 97 vertical menu.
Sphere Rotator 6.0 Robert Rayment Download
Demonstrates rotatable spheres and ellipsoids with and without perspective. Aspect ratio, perspective distance and animation variable on the fly.
Display 3D Mathematical Functions 6.0 Robert Rayment Download
Displays a rotatable and animateable wire frame of 3D mathematical functions.
Graphic Editor 6.0 Robert Rayment Download
An advanced graphic editor, Allow you to create and edit picture files (Gif, Jpg, etc.), Icons and cursors. Has some advanced features, like blurring, Cursor HotSpot setting, and more.
Reversi Game 6.0 Yu Wu Download
An excellent Reversi game, 1 Player against the computer.

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