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Visual Basic Source Code For Download
In this section you will find programs made in VB with their full source code for download.
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Calander 6.0 Herman Liu Download
Calander, allow the user to choose date.
Serial Number Generator 6.0 Herman Liu Download
Will generate a random serial number, and a Key Code for this specific serial number. Also have the option to encrypt the Key Code.
Create Windows ShortCut 6.0 Herman Liu Download
Will create a Windows shortcut to any file you specify, and place it wherever you want. This example is especially for VB 6.0, and uses VB6SKKIT.DLL
Screen Saver 6.0 VBTown Download
Screen Saver - imitate the Windows 95 "Curves and Colors" Screen Saver. You cannot run the screen saver from VB. To run it you should copy VBTown.scr to your Windows directory.
Image Viewer 6.0 VBTown Download
Image Viewer - View all the image files that found in certain directory within thumbnails (like ACDsee).
Ping Monitor 2.02 6.0 Boda Download
Ping Monitor. Includes a Password Hacker, and shows important info on your machine.
Picture Viewer 6.0 Herman Liu Download
Browse for directory, and view all picture files that found in that directory within thumbnails.
Replace Windows Start Button 6.0 Tomer Cohen Download
This little program will replace Windows Start button with that area that found under the mouse cursor. Move the mouse over the screen and you you will see the cursor area instead of the start button.
Othello Multiplayer 6.0 N/A Download
Othello game. 2 players play against each other in the same computer, or over the internet.
Text Editor 6.0 Imthiaz Rafiq Download
Text editor which allows you to change all font properties, align text, change font color, make text bulleted, save, open and print.

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