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Visual Basic Source Code For Download
In this section you will find programs made in VB with their full source code for download.
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Zoom Application 5.0 Rocky Clark Download
This application will zoom the area that found under the mouse cursor. Has also a grid to show each pixel placement.
Password Revealer 5.0 Mesiasel Download
This program reveal the password that hides behind the *****. Simply run the program, press the "Start Revealing" button and move your cursor over the *****. Note: after every reveal you have to close the program and run it again to reveal another password.
Fake Mail Program 5.0 Dominique Poot Download
This program allows you to send e-mail using any e-mail address. Also includes Name of sender, Name of receiver and subject line.
Play MIDI File Using DirectX 5.0 Albert Nicholas Download
This little example will show you how to play MIDI file with DirectX, and control the playing volume.
A 3D Rotration Program 5.0 Tim Talma Download
This program will rotate 3D Box in any angle you want.
3D Equations Calculator 5.0 Kevino Download
Enter equation to the text box and the program will draw it. this program has an useful equation parser class with built-in error checking.
Gradient In Angle 5.0 Rocky Clark Download
Fill your form or picture box with gradient fill starting from color 1 and blending to color 2. Allow you to choose the gradient angle. Perform the filling very fast.
News Groups Reader 5.0 Randol Tigrett Download
Read messages from news groups. To read messages from Microsoft news groups, choose Server Name from the menu, type, press connect, and then press Server List. Now you can choose which news group to connect to.
Get Gif, Jpg, Bmp And Png Image Size 5.0 N/A Download
Get the size of Gif, Jpg, Bmp and Png images in pixels.
Use Microsoft Agent 5.0 Microsoft Download
Do you know all the cute animated creatures that assist you in applications like MS Word (the safety pin) and Easy CD Creator and more? What about using them in your application? This example will show you how to pick one of those characters and let it be the assistant in your application. You can use the following link to download one of those characters (If you have an installed application on your computer that use one of those character, you don't have to download his file because you already have it).
Microsoft Agent Download

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