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Visual Basic Source Code For Download
In this section you will find programs made in VB with their full source code for download.
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Telnet Application 5.0 N/A Download
With this application you can connect to Telnet (VT100).
Skins 5.0 N/A Download
Create many type of skins to your application, and let the user choose for a skin (Like in WinAmp).
Make Your Form Scrollable 5.0 Paddy C. Download
Simple demonstration of how to use scroll bars to scroll your form (like in Internet Explorer or Netscape). Run the program, resize the form, and use the scroll bars to scroll over him.
Running Processes 5.0 N/A Download
Get all the processes that currently running on your computer.
Image Processing Application 5.0 Steve McMahon Download
The functions available in this application: sharpening, blurring and softening, embossing, resizing, gray scale images, customised filters and more.
Paint 5.0 Ben Doherty Download
Drawing program.
Dockable Toolbar 5.0 N/A Download
Implement ToolBar like VB ToolBox, that you can dock and hide.
Internet Update 5.0 N/A Download
Let the user check for an update to your application via the internet, and if an update exist - download it.
3D Rotating Cube 5.0 Patrice Scribe Download
Use the OpenGL control to make 3D rotating cube.
Progress Bar In StatusBar 5.0 Chris Eastwood Download
This source code demonstrates how to place a progress bar into a panel of a status bar.

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