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Working With Resource File

Lesson 1
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Accessing BMP, ICO and CUR files from your Program
Now you have the resource file with all your image files in it.
But how can you access them from your program?

Start a new Project, add 1 Picture Box (named Picture1) to your form, and add the following code to the form:

Private Sub Form_Load()
    Picture1.Picture = LoadResPicture(101, vbResBitmap)
End Sub

This code will load the Bitmap that found under the Bitmap "Folder" in the resource file, with the ID 101, to the Picture Box.
Explanation of this code:

LoadResPicture function load a picture from the resource file.

101 - the ID of the picture you want to load. if there is no Bitmap in your resource file with the ID 101, an error will occur.
If your picture ID is a word like "Cube" instead of number like 101, you should write:
Picture1.Picture = LoadResPicture("Cube", vbResBitmap)

Note that the "Cube" is in quotes, and when the ID was a number it was not in quotes.

vbResBitmap - Because the picture you want to load is a Bitmap, and it's under the Bitmap "Folder" in the resource file.

If you want to load an icon with the ID "myIcon", use LoadResPicture("myIcon", vbResIcon)
and if you want to load an cursor with the ID "myCursor" use
LoadResPicture("myCursor", vbResCursor)

To load BMP, Ico or Cur file from resource file use:

LoadResPicture ("MyImageID", vbRes...)
Where vbRes...=vbResBitmap if it's Bitmap file,
          vbRes...=vbResIcon if it's Icon file, and
          vbRes...=vbResCursor if it's cursor file.

Examples in the next page...

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