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Working With Resource File

Lesson 1
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Adding image Files to the Resource File (Continue)
You can add as much files as you want.
Every file has its own ID, so you will be able to access it by its unique ID.
Bitmap and Icon, for example, are different resources, so they can have the same ID.
But two Bitmaps or two Icons can't have the same ID.

If you will add Bitmap, it will be saved in the resource file under the Bitmap "Folder" (It's not really folder, because it's one single file), If you will add Icon, it will be saved under Icon "Folder", and so on (Image 10).

Image 10:

In the example that appear in Image 10, I added 1 GIF file ("CUSTOM" Folder), 3 Bitmaps, 1 Cursor and 2 Icons.

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