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Write Your First Visual Basic Program

Lesson 3
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Setting Properties At Run-Time (Continue)
Not all the properties get text values.
For example, Visible property can be "True" or "False"

False and True are not text strings, but
Visual Basic commonly used values that called "Boolean"

Therefore, when you assign these values to property,
You don't have to use the quotes, For example:

Command1.Visible = False
Form1.Enabled = True

Some of the properties values has the following syntax:
Number - String

For example, the Command Button's Style property can
get 2 values:

0 - Standard
1 - Graphical

To set these properties value, omit the string.
For example:

Command1.Style = 1
Form1.WindowState = 2

Some properties represent graphics, for example
The Picture property.

To set these properties at run-time, use
the LoadPicture Command.
The example below will load the ICO file "d:\games\toto.ico"
to the Picture property of Command Button with the name "MyButton"

MyButton.Picture = LoadPicture("d:\games\toto.ico")

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