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Write Your First Visual Basic Program

Lesson 3
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Setting Properties At Run-Time
By now you know how to set a component
property before running your program (=at "Design Time"),
Now we will learn how to do that during program's Run-Time.

To change a property, use the following syntax:

TheControlName.ThePropertyName = TheNewPropertyValue

For example, suppose we have Command Button
With the name "Command1", and we want to
set its Caption property to be "Hello".
To do that, we will use the following code:

Command1.Caption = "Hello"

To test it, simply copy the line above to your
Command1 Click event, run the program
and click the button at run-time.

Note that the Hello is inside quotes because
it's a String.
You can assign a variable value to a property:

Dim MyVar As String
MyVar = "Hello"
Command1.Caption = MyVar

This code will do exactly the same as the code line above it.
Note that MyVar is without quotes, because it's variable.

And how do you set a Form caption property at run-time?
exactly the same:

Form1.Caption = "Hello"

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