Make Your First ActiveX Control

Lesson 1
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First of all, what is ActiveX Control?
ActiveX control is control like all visual basic
common controls: Command Button, Label, etc.
You can make your own ActiveX control, for example
hover button control, and use it in every VB program
you make without addition of code.
Instead of writing the same code every time you want
to use the hover button, make once hover button
ActiveX control, and drag it to your form every time you
want to use it, like it was the usual Command Button.

How can you make your own ActiveX control?
In this tutorial we will make a button control, that will pop
a message box when the user will click on it.
I know that it's not very useful, and for this purpose you
don't have to make an ActiveX control, but this example
will teach you how to make an ActiveX control.

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