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MB HiTimer Control & Library Marco Bellinaso ScreenShot Download
Everybody knows that the VB timer is not much accurate: about 10 milliseconds on Windows NT and 50 milliseconds on Win9.x. In addition, the interval value is a Integer value so you can't choose an interval greater that just over 1 minute. If you need greater accuracy or longer intervals, the MB HiTimer is the right control. It has a accuracy of 1 ms and an Interval property specified as a Long value. This control includes the CountDown and the StopWatch methods to benchmarck your routines. The package includes both the control and a class module with the same features, so that you can use this better timer even if you don't have a form to place a control. You can gets notifications from the class through standard events or though a secondary interface.
MB Splitter Control Marco Bellinaso ScreenShot Download
Place this control on a form to immediately achieve splitting capabilities. It works as a container control, and the controls you drop on it will be automatically resized when the end user moves the splitter bars. You can control the splitter bar's size, color, and position, and programmatically assign controls to its two panes. The SplitBegin and SplitComplete events inform you when the drag operation begins and ends, so your code can do any additional processing as required.
MB ListEx Control Marco Bellinaso ScreenShot Download
This extended ListBox control adds many features that are missing in the standard VB control, such as support for bitmaps, control on the height, forecolor, backcolor, and font of individual list items, a horizontal scrollbar, text indentation. The MBListEx control is great to display a list of custom or system colors.
MB FormEx Control Marco Bellinaso ScreenShot Download
Add this control to a VB form and enjoy a number of great new features, including: the control over the size and position of the form when maximized, automatic resizing for fonts and controls (including controls that are added dynamically), transparent background, new items to system menu, the capability to be Always-on-top and to flash the caption to draw user's attention, and the FullScreen mode. The MBFormEx control exposes also a number of events that should have added to VB forms, such as ActivateApp and DeactivateApp, CompactingMemory, DisplayChanged, DragDropFiles, ItemSelect, Move, and SysItemClick (that fires when a system menu item has been clicked).
akProgressBar akTools ScreenShot Download
akProgressBar is a small progress bar or level indicator control which offers a bit more flare than the original Microsoft version. Bars can either be fixed or dotted, with either a fixed or a gradient colour. A choice of gradient colours is available, including reversable gradients. The bar can either be horizontal or vertical. The size of the bar and the size of the gap between bars is all customisable. The optional caption displayed on the bar is either automatic or is a custom message provided by your application.
akGrid akTools ScreenShot Download
akGrid is a lightweight display only grid control created entirely in VB6 using standard controls. This OCX is about 60kb in size. This is an unbound grid control. Data is added using the AddItem and RemoveItem methods or by setting the Rows property and then entering data into the TextMatrix. With about 25 properties, methods and events this control does all the basics, without all the overhead of the features which you probably wont use anyway.
akMultiStep akTools ScreenShot Download
akMultiStep is a custom ActiveX DLL which allows a list of steps in a multistep operation to be shown on the screen, with a success, failure or skip result shown against each step as it is finished. Optionally a progress bar can be shown like the one in the screenshot which shows the progress of the current step. If a step fails, a red cross can be shown next to the step in place of the green tick.
akWebButton akTools ScreenShot Download
akWebButton is a flat web style button, which changes state and look as the mouse hovers over the button. The image changes again when the mouse is down. This has the same effect as the buttons in the tool bar of Internet Explorer.
akMultiSelect akTools ScreenShot Download
akMultiSelect is a simple to use multiple selection list box. The user can move items to or from the left and right panels by using one of the 4 buttons, or by simply double clicking on an item in the list.
akTextBox akTools ScreenShot Download
akTextBox is a simple custom ActiveX control which enhances the standard text box by adding special numeric capabilities. There are special properties which allow you to limit contents to numeric values only. It also allows you to specify the number of decimal places and whether or not negative numbers are valid. This control also automatically selects all the text in the text box when it gains focus.
akLED akTools ScreenShot Download
akLED is a simple small 'LED' style light which can change to the colour of your choice.

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