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Download Free OCX files for Visual Basic
All These ActiveX controls are Freewares.
To learn how to Install/Uninstall ActiveX controls Read This.
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Dropdown Font & Colour Picker Connetica Software Download
Displays either a System Colour picker or a Font picker in list or dropdown style. The font picker shows the actual font style in the control.
Transparent Picture Control Connetica Software Download
Display BMP,GIF,JPG,DIB pictures with user selectable true transparency. The normal VB Picture Control can show transparent GIFs and WMFs but does not show any other objects thru the transparent parts. Use this control to display ANY image with user selected transparency that will show other controls or the window background thru the transparent regions.
URL Label Control Connetica Software Download
Displays a URL or email address and launches the appropriate browser or mail client when clicked.
Form Shaper Connetica Software Download
Shapes a form into an irregular transparent shape based on a transparent colour in the forms picture. Great for splash screens and cool UI windows. Simple to use, no editors or programming required. Full installation/uninstall contained in download.
ActiveLock 1.5 N. Ferraz Download
With this control you can easily set trial period, expiration date and registration keys to protect your commercial programs from piracy.
MIDI Player 1.1.67 BlackThorne Download
With this control you can easily play MIDI files.
OmegaVol 1.0 Omega Techware Download
With this control you can read and set the volume of both the microphone and waveout devices.
PopMail MicroTech Labs Download
Let you Fetch your email from POP server.
SMTP MicroTech Labs Download
Send your email via SMTP server.
SMTP Control OstroSoft Download
Provide a simple SMTP Session, and allow you to send email via SMTP server.

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