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MB ProgressBar Control Marco Bellinaso ScreenShot Download
This control is a great substitute for the ProgressBar included in the Common Windows Controls package and can give a nicer look to your applications. It has a BackColor property, BarStartColor and BarEndColor properties for creating a gradient bar and a Picture/BarPicture properties to create a graphical progress bar.
MB ColorPicker Control Marco Bellinaso ScreenShot Download
This control reproduces and extends the color picker provided by Office 2000. It has a drop down palette that shows any color combination you want and (optionally) a custom button to open the Windows Common Dialog Control for color selection. In addition each color box can have a different tooltip. Every aspect of the control is customizable. It can look like a combo box, a simple button, a checkbox button, a dropdown button, etc. You can choose the color and width of the 3D border that highlight the color box under the mouse cursor, the height and width of the color boxes, the custom button's text, the number of colors per row, and much more.
MB ShellSpy Control Marco Bellinaso ScreenShot Download
This control lets you know when the user performs any file system operation, such as file or folder creation, deletion, renaming, and so on. In addition you can know when a network drive is added or removed, when a media support (e.g. a CD) is inserted or removed, when the user adds or removes a printer or an Internet connection, and when a file association is created or edited. You can decide to spy the entire system or only a specific drive or folder. For each event you know the new and the old path and PIDL of the file/folder. A typical use of this control could be inside a file system log application.
MB Scroller Control Marco Bellinaso ScreenShot Download
Just drop the MB Scroller Control on a form and all your other control on the Scroller. if the form resizes and not all the controls are visible, the Scroller control shows a vertical/horizontal scrollbar, thus making your form a scrollable form. The scrollbars hide and show automatically, and if you have the ActiveDesktop installed you can also change their style into 3D, Flat or Track3D, the same styles of the VB FlatScrollbar) and their background color. The control exposes all the standard scrollbar's events, as well as two methods to programmatically scroll the form's contents.
MB ActiveLink Control Marco Bellinaso ScreenShot Download
The MB ActiveLink Control is a label-type control that the end user can click to jump to the specified web URL, Email address or document, or open the associated application. When sending an EMail you can specify the Subject, CC and BCC fields. But the ActiveLink control can do much more, and you can assign two different values for the caption, font, foreground and backgRound color, and picture properties, depending on whether the mouse is over the control or not. There is also the MouseEnter and MouseLeave event, to let you decide exactly what happens when the mouse hovers on the control.
MB InterProcess Control Marco Bellinaso ScreenShot Download
This control lets you have two applications that communicate with each other. Just select the target application by its handle or partial/whole caption, set the string or the Long data to send, and then call the Send method. The target application - that must host an instance of the InterProcess control - receives a DataReceived event and can therefore retrieve the data sent and the sender's handle and caption, and even reply to the message.
MB MouseHelper Control Marco Bellinaso ScreenShot Download
This ActiveX gives you the complete control over the mouse. The MouseEnter and MouseLeave events tell you when the mouse cursor enters or leaves any control on the form, which lets you create cool hot-tracking effects. The MouseWheel event fires when the mouse wheel is rotated, so you can use this event to let the end user scroll a horizontal scroll or zoom in/out, as in Internet Explorer. There are also several methods that let you move, snap or clip the cursor where you want, to load an animated cursor, to simulate the Click, DblClick, MouseDown, MouseUp events, as well as to retrieve all the information related to the mouse, such as the cursor position, the button state, the swapped buttons state, and the window or the control under the cursor.
MB MsgBoxEx Control Marco Bellinaso ScreenShot Download
This control is an extended and object-oriented version of the VB's MsgBox function. You can center the message box on your form or place it everywhere you want, display any icon, and change the caption of every button. You can finally create a standard dialog with the Yes, Yes to All, No, No to All buttons, or any other combination you want.
MB TipOfTheDay Control Marco Bellinaso ScreenShot Download
Many commercial programs have a Tip of the Day dialog, that shows a tip or trick whenever the application starts. With the MB TipOfTheDay Control you can add this nice feature to your apps without writing a single line of code. The tips are contained into a INI file, and the control uses the same file to save the index of the current tip and other informations. (Nothing is written in the registry.) The dialog is completely customizable in its size, colors, fonts, the presence of a Previous button in addition to the standard Next one, and the caption of each control, so localizing the dialog is a breeze.
MB Tray Control Marco Bellinaso ScreenShot Download
This control lets you place an icon in the system tray area and associate it to your application. The icon can be static or animated, if you specify a series of frames. The control has a ToolTip property and you can also flash the icon with a used defined speed. The MB Tray Control exposes all the standard mouse events for displaying a menu or taking a default action when the user click or double click the icon in the system tray.

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