Multi Control

This Control allow you to do the following things:

ActiveConnection - Return true if there is active connection to the internet, and false if there is no connection
OpenCD - Open the CD-Rom drive
CloseCD - Close the CD-Rom drive
InsertToDocs - Info1.InsertToDocs ("c:\docs\mydoc") will insert that document into 'Recent Documents'
ClearDocs - Clear 'Recent Documents' list
GetMp3Album - Info1.GetMp3Album ("c:\mp3\mysong.mp3") will get this file album tag (the same as GetMp3Artist, GetMp3Title, GetMp3Year, GetMp3Comment)
GetSerialNumber - Info1.GetSerialNumber ("c:") will get c: drive serial number
GetTmpPath - Return the windows temporary path
HideDesktopIcons - Hide the Icons on your desktop
ShowDesktopIcons -Show back the Icons on your desktop
HideMouseCursor - Hide the mouse cursor
ShowMouseCursor - Show back the mouse cursor
HideTaskBar - Hide windows Taskbar
ShowTaskBar - Show back windows Taskbar
IsSoundCardAvailable - Return true if the sound card can play sounds, and false if doesn't
PressCapsLock - Press the Caps Lock button
PressNumLock - Press the Num Lock button
WhichDriveIsCD - Return which drive is the cd drive. If there is no cd drive return "None"

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