Use MS Word Spell Checker To Check Spelling In Your Program

This example will launch the Word spell checker to check the spelling in text box, and correct them.


Add 1 Command Button and 1 Text Box to your form.
Set the text box Multiline property to True (Optional).

Form Code

Private Sub Command1_Click()

    Dim objWord
    Dim tmpObjWord
    Dim strResults

    ' Only continue if user has typed text into the text box.
    If Len(Text1.Text) < 1 Then Exit Sub
   Set tmpObjWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")
   ' check if there are any spelling errors.
   If tmpObjWord.CheckSpelling(Text1.Text) Then
      MsgBox "The text spelled correctly"
      ' free memory
      Set tmpObjWord = Nothing
      ' exit sub - No spelling errors are found.
      Exit Sub
   End If
   'free memory
   Set tmpObjWord = Nothing
   Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")
   With objWord
      ' hide the Word application
      .Visible = False
      ' Spell checker only works within a document

      ' Put the text in the document
      .Selection.TypeText Text1.Text
      ' disallow grammer checking. To allow it set it to "True"
      .Options.CheckGrammarWithSpelling = False
      .Options.IgnoreUppercase = False

      ' Perform the spell checking

      ' Select the new, corrected text

      ' Copy Corrected text to Clipboard

      ' strResults holds the text after the spell corrections
      strResults = .Selection.Text

      ' close and free memory
      .ActiveDocument.Close (0)
   End With

   Set objWord = Nothing
      ' retrieve the corrected text from the clipboard
      Text1.Text = Clipboard.GetText
End Sub

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