Run Internet Explorer And Have The Events Return To Your Program

You can run an instance of Internet Explorer, and have the events return to your program. An event is the text that appear in the Internet Explorer status bar every time you do something, for example: "Connecting to", "Done", "Opening page", and more.


Add 1 Label to your form. The events will be displayed in this label.

Add Reference to Microsoft Internet Controls (SHDOCVW.DLL).
To add the reference, choose from VB menu Project -> References... and mark the Microsoft Internet Controls check box. Notice that it's possible there are more than 1 Microsoft Internet Controls check boxes. To know which is the right check box, mark it and look at the "Location: " at the bottom of the window. You should see a path that ends with "\SHDOCVW.DLL".
Then press OK.

Form Code

Public WithEvents web As SHDocVw.InternetExplorer

Private Sub Form_Load()
' create new instance of Internet Explorer
    Set web = New SHDocVw.InternetExplorer
' make the Internet Explorer visible
    web.Visible = True
' navigate to URL
    web.Navigate ""
End Sub

Private Sub web_StatusTextChange(ByVal Text As String)
' when the text in the status bar changes, update the Label
    Label1.Caption = Text
End Sub

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