Find File

'Insert the following code to your form:

Private Sub Form_Load()
'Replace 'calc.exe' with the name of the file you want to find.
'You can put here 'cal*.*' to find file that start with 'cal'
MsgBox PathTo("calc.exe")
End Sub
Function PathTo(strFile As String) As String
Dim x As Integer
Dim strDirs As String
Dim strDir As String
Dim strEntry As String
'Replace 'C:\' with the drive you want to make the search on it.
strDirs = "C:\" & vbNullChar
Do While Len(strDirs)
x = InStr(strDirs, vbNullChar)
strDir = Left$(strDirs, x - 1)
strDirs = Mid$(strDirs, x + 1)
If Len(Dir$(strDir & strFile)) Then
PathTo = strDir & Dir$(strDir & strFile)
Exit Function
End If
strEntry = Dir$(strDir & "*.*", vbDirectory)
Do While Len(strEntry)
If (GetAttr(strDir & strEntry) And vbDirectory) Then
If strEntry <> "." And strEntry <> ".." Then
  strDirs = strDirs & strDir & strEntry & "\" & vbNullChar
End If
End If
strEntry = Dir$
PathTo = ""
End Function

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