This control let you shape many controls: Buttons, textboxes, forms, frames, Etc.
In fact - every control which has Hwnd property.
The process is very simple.
First, you draw the desirable shape with the mouse In little program called Button Shaper

Button Shaper ScreenShot:

ButtonShaper ScreenShot

Then you save the shape by pressing 'Save' button and selecting the file name.
After you save the file, you are putting the shaper control on the form, and enter the following line to your code:
Shaper1.ShapeIt The name of the control you want to shape, the shape file name

For example: if you saved the file in the name c:\vb\heart.dat, and the control you want to shape is commandbutton with the name Command1, simply write:

Shaper1.ShapeIt Command1, "c:\vb\heart.dat".

You can also round controls by writing:

Shaper1.CircleIt The name of the control you want to round


Shaper ScreenShot

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