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Write Your First Visual Basic Program

Lesson 1
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The Command Button's Events
Now lets program some of the Command Button's events.
Select "Command1" from the components list (Figure 23).
Check which events the Command Button has by clicking
the Events list (Figure 24).

We want to execute a code when the user is clicking on the button,
So lets program the Command Button's Click event.
Select "Click" from the Events list.
Insert the following line to the Click event:

MsgBox "You have Clicked on the button!"

After you inserted this line to the Click event the Click event should look like this:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    MsgBox "You have Clicked on the button!"
End Sub

As you can see, the Command Button's Click event called "Command1_Click",
because the name of the specific Command Button that we program
its Click event is "Command1".
If we had program the Click event of a Command Button with the
name "BlahBlah7", the Click event would be called "BlahBlah7_Click".
Every component has its own unique events, therefore if you had
5 Command Buttons on your form, every one of them has its
own unique Click event.

Run the program, and click the button.
When you clicking the Command Button with the
name "Command1", The Command1_Click event is being
executed, and a message box with the text "You have Clicked on the button!"
is popping.

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