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Make Money on the Internet

Its not a gimmick or fraud. Some internet companies will pay you for viewing ads, or receiving emails.

How it possible?

Well, they make money from the ads you see and they give you precents from their revenues.

suppose you saw 5000 ads, and the advertisers pay them for that 100$. They will pay you 50$ and keep for themselves the rest.

Wanna make some money?make money

You can start right now!

Companies that will pay you for watching ads
You can join all the programs at the same time!

The Company

Will Pay You Per Hour

Desktop Dollars Recommended!!! 0.50$
Spedia 0.50$

Good Luck!!!

Question:   How it possible that they will pay me for watching ads?
Answer : Well, they earn money from the companies that you see their ads,
and they give you percents from their revenue. so they are not losing
money, but earning.
Question: But I don't want to put my credit card number on the internet...
Answer : You don't have to. they only need your address, and they will send you a check.
Question: How much it will cost me?
Answer : It is for absolutely free.
Question: What do you mean "Watching Ads"?
Answer : You download a little program and run the program when you are online. the program will open a little window that show Ads. You will get paid for every hour the window is open.
Question: For what am I committed to?
Answer : For nothing. if you want - don't watch the adverting for even 1 second.
Question: How much money I will earn?
Answer : 0.40$ - 0.50$ per hour. It's depends on which company.
If your friends will join because of you, you will also get paid for every hour that they will be online, and for every hour that the friends that will join because of them will be online.
Question: How do I start?
Answer : In the top of this page you will find a list of such companies.
Click on their link to enter their site.
On their site, you will enter your name and your address, so they will know to who they will send the check to.
You also choose user name and password, so you will be able to check whenever you want how many hours you and your friends that joined because of you accumulated, and how much money they will send you.
Question: Are this programs available internationally?
Answer : Yes, they are. You will get paid even if you not live in the United states.
Question: When will I get the money?
Answer : Every month. If the amount of money in your account is less than 20$ , it will carried forward to the next month.
Question: How old do I have to be?
Answer : There is no set of age to earn money from those companies. You can be even 5 years old.
Question: What I've got to lose?
Answer : Lets see: It's free to join, so you can't lose any money. You don't give your credit card number, you don't commit to anything, and you can quit whenever you want. So the only thing you can lose is your time...
Question: Can I join more than one program?
Answer : Yes, you can. You can join all the programs together, and run all the ads at the same time.
make money free on internet