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Check Which Office Components Are Installed

'Add a module to your project (In the menu choose Project -> Add Module, Then click Open)
'Insert this code to the module :

Public Const HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT = &H80000000
Declare Function RegOpenKey Lib "advapi32" Alias "RegOpenKeyA" (ByVal hKey _
As Long, ByVal lpSubKey As String, phkResult As Long) As Long
Declare Function RegQueryValueEx Lib "advapi32" Alias "RegQueryValueExA" _
(ByVal hKey As Long, ByVal lpValueName As String, lpReserved As Long, lptype As _
Long, lpData As Any, lpcbData As Long) As Long
Declare Function RegCloseKey& Lib "advapi32" (ByVal hKey&)
Public Const REG_SZ = 1
Public Const REG_EXPAND_SZ = 2
Public Const ERROR_SUCCESS = 0

'Insert the following code to your form:

Public Function GetRegString(hKey As Long, _
strSubKey As String, strValueName As _
String) As String
Dim strSetting As String
Dim lngDataLen As Long
Dim lngRes As Long
If RegOpenKey(hKey, strSubKey, _
lngRes) = ERROR_SUCCESS Then
strSetting = Space(255)
lngDataLen = Len(strSetting)
If RegQueryValueEx(lngRes, _
strValueName, ByVal 0, _
REG_EXPAND_SZ, ByVal strSetting, _
lngDataLen) = ERROR_SUCCESS Then
If lngDataLen > 1 Then
GetRegString = Left(strSetting, lngDataLen - 1)
End If
End If

If RegCloseKey(lngRes) <> ERROR_SUCCESS Then
MsgBox "RegCloseKey Failed: " & _
strSubKey, vbCritical
End If
End If
End Function

Function FileExists(sFileName$) As Boolean
On Error Resume Next
FileExists = IIf(Dir(Trim(sFileName)) <> "", _
True, False)
End Function

Public Function IsAppPresent(strSubKey$, _
strValueName$) As Boolean
IsAppPresent = CBool(Len(GetRegString(HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, _
strSubKey, strValueName)))
End Function

Private Sub Form_Load()
MsgBox "Access " & _
IsAppPresent("Access.Database\CurVer", "")
MsgBox "Excel " & _
IsAppPresent("Excel.Sheet\CurVer", "")
MsgBox "PowerPoint " & _
IsAppPresent("PowerPoint.Slide\CurVer", "")
MsgBox "Word " & _
IsAppPresent("Word.Document\CurVer", "")
End Sub

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